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Fixed Rates
100% Tax Deductible
Zero Value Depreciation

What is a Finance Lease?

Finance lease is a vehicle financing plan suitable for businesses seeking a tax efficient finance plan, without mileage restrictions.

The plan allows a flexible initial advance rental (deposit) followed by recurring monthly payments and contract options between 24 and 60 months.

Initial payments from as little as one month’s rental.

At the end of the agreement, remaining costs are paid off by the sale of the vehicle and these funds are used to settle any outstanding finance.

Although there are mileage considerations that determine the ‘final rental’, mileage penalties from the finance provider are not applicable. Exceeding the mileage agreed will have an effect on the final value of the vehicle but will incur no penalties.

The Advantages of Finance Lease

As a more flexible option, finance leasing has many advantages:

The Disadvantages of Finance Lease

Some of the disadvantages of finance leasing include:

Interested in Finance Lease?

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